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New Ole Miss Rebel Basketball Arena Seating Chart Released

Students are going to have it good.

The conceptual design for the new Ole Miss basketball arena.
The conceptual design for the new Ole Miss basketball arena.

The Ole Miss Athletics Foundation has released the proposed seating chart for the soon-to-be-constructed replacement for the Tool Pool, as well as the required capital gift agreements to secure season tickets throughout the arena:

I think this is a fantastic seating arrangement for many reasons. First, students will wrap around 3/4 of the floor and sit seemingly right on top of the floor seats, benches, and baskets. One of the things that I will miss about the Tad Pad is the raucous and oftentimes wildly inappropriate student section within spitting distance of the visitor's bench, but it seems that this new design won't hinder whatever home court advantage the old arena's design afforded the Rebs.

The All-American club looks like it'll be something I can't afford, with catered food and clandestine booze flowing freely among whoever it is that paid Laremy Tunsil to come to Ole Miss AMIRITE #Hailstate big donors who probably disapprove of Marshall Henderson's antics. That will be a nice new feature that the current facilities do not yet have - or perhaps it will take away from the uniquely egalitarian feel that the Tad Pad crowd has. I suppose it depends on how you look at it.

Either way, if you want nice seats, you're going to have to open up your checkbook. So do it. Pay up, get your tickets, and don't grumble when doing so either. If we want nice things, we're going to have to pay for them, something this athletics administration fully understands.