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THE SEASON: Ole Miss football - Episode 4 (2013)

Yay! The Texas win caught in slow motion and set to dubstep!

Are you like me lately in that, after an Ole Miss win, you've caught yourself saying "I can't wait to see the next episode of 'The Season'" as if the weekly Rebel football program is almost worth looking forward to as much as the actual games themselves? For a show put together by the athletics staff of the second smallest SEC school (with presumably a budget to match), it is a truly fantastic look at the goings on of our favorite football program.

Just consider this episode, for example! You've got Jeff Scott beaming with pride over his new pit bull puppies, a story about Donte Moncrief's hometown friendships, Robert Nkemdiche trying to fit into an airplane, Korvic Neat and Devante Kincade arguing over whose home state has better high school football (Florida and Texas respectively - sorry, Switchblade, but I'm going with the Sunshine State), Hugh Freeze's "fight your guts out" speech, C.J. Johnson and Issac Gross celebrating being "Mississippi boys" on the D-line, and a shirtless Evan Engram. WHAT MORE COULD AN OLE MISS FAN WANT?!

Honestly, it's great stuff, and it just keeps getting better.