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Rebel Roundup - September 13, 2013


George Frey

Here's the newest episode of The Season

Notice Keith Lewis saying that "it's over" and they're "ready for Texas," well before halftime was even reached for the SEMO game.

Texas serves as 'measuring stick' for Ole Miss | The Clarion-Ledger
Athletics director Ross Bjork has said that "destination" games are in the works for the future. Specifically, he mentions return trips to New Orleans to play Tulane (yes please) and a renewal of the Ole Miss vs. Memphis series. Since both of those programs are a part of the AAC, which is technically somehow a BCS conference, we can get away with saying we're scheduling out-of-conference BCS foes, something which I'm sure boosts a program's exposure and reputation, or something.


Ole Miss does have a home-and-home set with Georgia Tech for 2016-17, with the road game coming first.

Texas actually approached Ole Miss after last year's game about finding a way to keep the series going, Bjork said.

So there are more exciting out of conference games coming, y'all.

Texas, Ole Miss football programs going in vastly different directions | The Daily Texan
Many of the reasons that a lot of us Ole Miss Rebels feel optimistic about this Saturday's matchup in are outlined fairly well in this Daily Texan article. Also, interesting fact:

[Last week's loss to BYU] marked the 10th time since 2010 the Longhorns lost a game by at least 12 points. They suffered 11 such defeats in the previous 12 years under Brown.

New-school recruiting for Ole Miss Rebels, Texas Longhorns | ESPN
The contrast in Ole Miss and Texas is perhaps best demonstrated by the contrast in recruiting pitches the two schools are likely to utilize. Ole Miss can sell something new, with a young head coach looking to have the program competing on a consistent level that it hasn't been able to for a long time. Texas can sell recent successes, tradition

and the stability of the Mack Brown regime.

SEC Power Poll Results: Week Two | TeamSpeedKills

Things shake up about as you'd expect them to.