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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Texas Longhorns Television Schedule, Channels

The game will kick off at 7:00 PM central.

Robert Nkemdiche
Robert Nkemdiche
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's Ole Miss vs. Texas matchup will be on the Longhorn Network. Presumably, this is a strategy to both promote the awareness of the Longhorn network and improve the network's level of programming and market interest, both of which could lead to more cable and satellite providers carrying the Texas football-centric channel.

Still, if you aren't in Texas or are without ATT U-Verse, you probably do not yet have the Longhorn Network. If you are in Mississippi, however, you're in luck. The game will be broadcast live over several local CBS, ABC, or Fox affiliates, including:

  • WREG (CBS) in Memphis
  • WFGX (MyNet) in South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle
  • WJTV (CBS) in Jackson
  • WCBI (CBS) in the Golden Triangle and Tupelo areas
  • WXXV (Fox) on the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • WHLT (Fox) in the Pine Belt
  • WMDN (CBS) in Meridian
  • WABG (ABC or FOX) in the Delta

If you're not in Mississippi or Texas, and do not have the Longhorn Network, then your options are pretty limited. The game will not be available on ESPN3, RebelVision, or any of the online platforms you may be accustomed to. You should call your cable or satellite provider to ask if they can carry the game. If that won't work, then invite yourself over to that annoying neighbor's house. You know, the one who has all the channels but only uses them to watch EPL matches and bad cartoons? Yeah, him. Or, you could visit one of many Ole Miss Alumni Association watch parties scattered throughout the country, the details for which can be found at

If you know of any other ways to watch the game (e.g., specific watch parties wherever it is you may be), then let us know in the comments section.