Bold Predictions: Ole Miss Rebels vs. Texas Longhorns

Erich Schlegel


Time to make some bold predictions. Last week we predicted how our Rebels would fare against the Southeast Missouri State Redhawks. This we focus on a Big 12 foe, the Texas Longhorns.

However, before we make our bold predictions we must first decide which of us came the closest last week.


Brunetti runs a solid game mixing passing and rushing and ends up going for 100 yards on the ground.

-J DubYah

Yeah. About that passing thing. Let's just hope Bo doesn't get hurt.

1st. Bo goes clean again. No interceptions. 0.

3rd. Moncrief EATS. Finally gets on the board with a receiv ing TD.

4th. Barry Brunetti has a great game running the football...

-The Book of Eli

Bo did not throw an interception for the second straight game. Moncrief's TD run was absolutely astonishing; he was standing still when he caught the ball, surrounded by 4 or 5 defenders and simply turned on the jets. Barry had some EXCELLENT runs, and proved he can at least put up some nasty juke moves.

Here’s a bold one: we don’t break 45 points.

-The Ghost of Jay Cutler

Did Hugh Freeze let off the gas? Did the team stop caring after the first quarter? You bet your ass we did, but it's a good sign that we can do those and still get a W.

Now, time to make your Texas Longhorn bold predictions. And remember, go bold or go home.

Hotty Toddy. Go Rebs.

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