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Red Cup Radio Talks Texas

Listen to us try to talk ourselves out of our enthusiasm for this weekend!

George Frey

This week's Red Cup Radio (brought to you by Rebel Sports Radio) is a two parter! First, Juco-All American and I spent a half-hour or so talking about the Texas Longhorns, the Ole Miss Rebels, what we saw out of each team last weekend and what that could mean for this upcoming weekend. We also gave a stab at discussing the SEC in general, as well as our usual habit of feigning knowledge about the college football landscape with our pick 'em.

Then I spent a good fifteen minutes or so speaking with the guys at Barking Carnival, one of SB Nation's Texas affiliated sites. As you would expect, we talked Texas football, Longhorn fan enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for this weekend, and Tex-Mex among a few other things. Give it a listen by checking out the link below, and be sure to download the RSR app if you haven't already.