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CJ Johnson's Recruitment - Two Competing Narratives

Truths, half-truths, rumors, and speculation run rampant regarding Ole Miss' recruiting. What should you believe?

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Yesterday, the Commercial Appeal's Kyle Veazey - who has been an Enemy of the Cup for, like, decades - reported that NCAA investigators have looked into allegations of misconduct during Junior Ole Miss defensive end C.J. Johnson's 2010-11 recruitment under Houston Nutt. Allegedly, Johnson's family was provided the impermissible benefit of free or heavily discounted furniture from a retailer in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Ole Miss Athletics Director Ross Bjork released a statement explaining that Ole Miss "fully participated with the NCAA in exploring the item related to C.J. Johnson, and no wrongdoing was found...The NCAA and our staff are no longer pursuing this matter, and we are unable to discuss the specifics."

Well, that pretty much settles it, right? Oh shit no! That only allows for the truth to come out, y'all, as both Ole Miss and Mississippi State fans have valiantly taken to the internet to explain what really happened with C.J. Johnson's recruitment and the recent NCAA investigation thereof! Here now are the two competing narratives of what went down. Dear reader, I'll let you decide whose truths to believe.

The CJ Johnson Story, Per a Sprivals Subscriber

Nothing to see here. Move along. The university has already stated that nothing wrong has taken place. Ever since C.J. broke MSU's heart, several fans have screaming for the NCAA to investigate. Great job CJ for not taking any incentives. The Bulldogs are just mad because State didn't have the buck$ to buy Cam, although they tried. Good to see the NCAA has cleared C.J. of any wrong doing. Coach Freeze doesn't buy players (like some schools) nor does he have to. They want to come play for him at The University of Mississippi.

Dan Mullet fans just need to leave C.J. alone! It's sick that they want to get a nice young man and his mom in trouble for no reason. They are so mad that Will Redmond got them in trouble and that $cam Newton turned Cow College down. Ha! Now they want to try to get us in trouble with the NCAA but it won't happen!

And I won't read the Commercial Appeal ever again! I will spend my money elsewhere. Sleazy Veazey never investigates MSwho of Starkvegas! Wonder why that is, hmm!?

Oh, and Ole Miss was just named the most-beautiful campus in the country. Hotty Toddy! #finsup

The CJ Johnson Story, Per a Mississippi State Message Board Crusader

Where there is smoke, there is always fire! Lil' Hughy better be careful! The girls basketball coach has had a history in Memphis and with Ed Orgeron! Everyone in Memphis knows about what he got involved in when he was at Briorcrest! Only a matter of time.

My cousin's pastor's nephew told me that the NCAA got down to Philadelphia with all the information they needed! They had pictures of a certain pickup truck owned by a certain Ole Miss defensive end (that would be C.J. Johnson *wink*) and had testimony from some folks about his mom going in to that ol' furniture store down there and buying up all the furniture that only rich people could afford. I heard some TSUN lawyers got together, because that's what lawyers do, and gave her $100K to buy stuff for her house (again, because "lawyers"). HA! We all know that C.J. was all Dawg until then. He was even at the Egg Bowl in 2009 wearing State gear! Ole Miss fans attacked him for it, one person even ripped his lanyard from around his neck! But, whaddaya know, he had $30,000 in his pocket that night! Now where'd he get that kind of money (does the term "TSUN LAWYERS" ring a bell?!!)

Really a damn shame. Give 'em money. Take them to hte bar. Girls. Rap music. It's the Ole Miss way, and its how they get all these pre madonnas to "commit" to their program! The NCAA knows it and their dropping the boom on the Bears soon enough. I think the truth will eventually come out! But after the Cam coverup, nothing surprises me and interestingly enough, Ole Miss has hired the same legal counsel Auburn used. And Johnny Manziel! Why would anybody need legal counsel if they were not in the wrong. Just some food for thought!

It just seems to get old. Bama, Ole Miss, Auburn in recent years, never seem to get caught no matter what they do. Mississippi State, on the other hand, never has to get caught, because we turn ourselves in over nothing. There's no way a team with their record over the past 3 years should legally be able to pull the kind of recruits they did this past year, and their answer is, "Y'all are the ones on probation."

If you haven't guessed this by now, much of the language and arguments used were literally copied and pasted off of places like the Clarion Ledger website and Facebook. These stories just sorta write themselves like that.

[Ultimately, nobody really knows what went down with C.J. Johnson's, or anyone's, recruitment. A lot of people think they know, and they're dumb to think this. Ole Miss doesn't know. The NCAA certainly doesn't know - and they've made it clear that they don't really want to know. Hell, C.J. himself might not really know everything. In addition, with the Oregon and Mississippi State investigations concluding as they did, it's pretty clear the NCAA isn't really in the enforcement business anymore. So believe whatever you want to believe, and know that whatever you believe won't have a damn bit of impact on the truth, or any sort of outcomes whatsoever.]