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Rebels Win! Ole Miss beats Vanderbilt 39-35

Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty!

Frederick Breedon

The Ole Miss Rebels beat the Vanderbilt Commodores 39-35 last night in a second half that required some guts and heroics. The game was sealed by a 75-yard Jeff Scott touchdown run and a Cody Prewitt interception on the ensuing Vanderbilt drive.

Would you like a GIF of Ole Miss fans dancing after that Jeff Scott touchdown? That's great! You're in luck!

Obviously, the star of the show is the gray-haired combover in the middle. He's dancing as if he can't control himself - as if the excitement of a Rebel lead just consumed his body and got him to wigglin'. The guy behind him is still in his "oh wow that just happened" pose, and is seeking medical attention for his affliction (#RIPOleMissOfaceguy). The lady on the right is not drinking Dasani; the bottle is just a decoy. There's gin in that there vessel, and she's shared with everybody in attendance. Guy up front in the blue polo has got some sore calves today after showing off his hops. And old man on the far top left, who comes in late to the GIF, is my spirit animal. He's restrained in his excitement, offering nothing but a sly smile, but in his head he's thinking "Hell yes. I'm gonna burn this city down tonight."

Would you like our reactions? Great! Here's an episode of Red Cup Reacts, that we recorded just now:

The Rebels are 1-0. I  think Whiskey Wednesday put it best, when he explained that he is "frustrated with the way we played, but optimistic about how we can play." I'd say that sums up the potential for this season pretty well. Let's celebrate, and let's get ready for Southeast Missouri.