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Season Countdown: The Five Places to Indulge and Imbibe near Vanderbilt

Five days? There are only five days left until Ole Miss kicks off against Vanderbilt? Well here are five places you should check out this weekend if you're going to be in the Music City.

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Nashville's a great Southern city. It's got a good food scene, plenty of places to drink and revel, and one of America's finest live music scenes. If you're lucky enough to be spending this upcoming weekend watching Ole Miss take on Vanderbilt then do your best to take part in what the Music City has to offer. With some much appreciated help from our Commodore SB Nation Colleagues at Anchor of Gold, here are five highly recommended eating or drinking establishments near the Vanderbilt campus.

  • Pancake Pantry - Yes, you will wait in line for 90 minutes. No, you will not care about this fact once you have your food. I've made this wait before myself and, trust me, it's worth it. "But, y'all, it's just pancakes," you may be saying. Well you're an idiot. These aren't just pancakes, they're the pancakes. And they come in literally dozens of varieties. My personal favorite are the sweet potato pancakes, which are like fluffy round sweet potato pies that you, naturally, douse in maple syrup.
  • Rotier's Restaurant - Like the Pantry, maybe a bit overrated in terms of how often it gets recommended - but it's still really good. It's a burger joint, and people really seem to dig the cheeseburgers on French bread. They've also got a lot of fried stuff, which is sort of a prerequisite if you're going to market yourself as a burger joint.
  • The Villager Tavern - Do you like beer drinkin'? Of course you do. Who the hell doesn't? For a divey place at which to do so, then head to the Villager. This place is an old school dart bar shrouded in a thick cloud of cigarette smoke. They've also got foosball tables and other bar games. Definitely a good spot for pregaming. If it happens to be your birthday, you can get a free 48 oz beer served to you in a dog bowl. Not an especially clean one, mind you, but it's not like you're going to care.
  • Lonnie's Western Room - This is a Karaoke bar in Painter's Printer's Alley. You'll have fun, but be embarrassed if you can't nail whatever Elton John song you're trying to emulate. "Fuck, all these people are way better singers than I am. Much prettier, too."
  • The Edgefield Sports Bar and Grill - Once a lovely townie dive with some of the best bar food in the city, the Edgefield has since been taken over by hipsters and borders on intolerable many nights. But, they've got a good darts setup, lots of TVs, and the frostiest beer glasses I've ever seen. Here, look:

Have fun, party hard, don't drink and drive, and don't embarrass us too much this weekend, y'all.