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Ole Miss Releases the 2013 Depth Chart

Three true freshmen are in starting roles to kick off the 2013 season.


The official full Ole Miss Rebel depth chart was released on the Ole Miss Sports mothership earlier today. The two deep we should expect to see against Vandy is as follows:

  • Quarterback - Bo Wallace / Barry Brunetti
  • Halfback - Jeff Scott / Jaylen Walton OR iTavius Mathers
  • Flanker - Donte Moncrief / Cody Core
  • Split End - JaMes Logan / Quincy Adeboyejo
  • Slot - Laquon Treadwell / Jordan Holder
  • Left Tackle - Emmanuel McCray / Laremy Tunsil
  • Left Guard - Aaron Morris / Jared Duke
  • Center - Evan Swindall / Robert Conyers OR Ben Still
  • Right Guard - Justin Bell / Patrick Junen
  • Right Tackle - Pierce Burton / Austin Golson
  • Tight End - Evan Engram / Nick Parker
  • Weakside Defensive End - C.J. Johnson / D.T. Shackelford
  • Defensive Tackle - Bryon Bennett / Lavon Hooks OR Carlton Martin
  • Nose Tackle - Woodrow Hamilton / Issac Gross
  • Strongside Defensive End - Robert Nkemdiche / Cameron Whigham
  • Mike Linebacker - Mike Marry / Temario Strong
  • Stinger (Strong) Linebacker - Denzel Nkemdiche / Serderius Bryant
  • Wolf (Weak) Linebacker - Keith Lewis / D.T. Shackelford
  • Huskie (Nickel) - Mike Hilton / Tony Conner
  • Field Corner - Quintavius Burdette OR Senquez Golson / Anthony Standifer
  • Boundary Corner - Dehendret Collins OR Charles Sawyer
  • Rover (Strong Safety) - Trae Elston OR Chief Brown
  • Free Safety - Cody Prewitt / Brishen Matthews
  • Placekicker - Andrew Ritter / Andy Pappanastos
  • Punter - Tyler Campbell / Chris Conley
  • Kickoff Specialist - Andrew Ritter / Andy Pappanastos
  • Holder - Chris Conley / Robert Ratliff
  • Longsnapper - Will Denny / Will Few
  • Kick Returner - Jaylon Walton / Kailo Moore
  • Punt Returner - Jeff Scott / Trae Elston

There are not too many surprises. On offense, Laquon Treadwell gets the nod at slot with JaMes Logan moving outside due to Vince Sanders' broken collarbone. Laremy Tunsil and Austin Golson are waiting in the wings of the upperclassmen tackles. Robert Conyers could become a legitimate option at center. And Justin Bell has worked his way into a starting role up front.

The real story of the offense though is the tight end situation, where true freshman Evan Engram earns the starting role, and converted running back Nick Parker will play as his backup and in certain situations.

On defense, Robert Nkemdiche unsurprisingly earns a starting role at one of the end spots. Woody Hamilton gets the nod over Issac Gross, who is coming off of sports hernia surgery. Lavon Hooks is currently a second teamer but will certainly get plenty of snaps as the defensive line will rotate pretty frequently as games progress. D.T. Shackelford is in the two-deep at defensive end and linebacker, which is pretty good for a guy who hasn't played SEC football in two years. The defensive backfield, outside of Cody Prewitt, is either a gigantic question mark or the epitome of parity, as coaches don't yet know who will start against Vandy at either corner or the strong safety spot (at least as far as the released depth chart is concerned).

On special teams, we have a two deep at holder and longsnapper? That's a thing? Jeff Scott as the primary punt returner is an excellent move in my view. He moves well and has excellent hands. And it's good to see Kailo Moore in a kick returning role, as he is reportedly already the fastest player on the team.

What are your thoughts on the Ole Miss depth chart?