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Rebel Roundup - August 19, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel News and Notes has Football on the Brain.


Latest scrimmage pleasing to Ole Miss coaches | The Clarion-Ledger
Although they mostly offer platitudes when we're this close to the season ("I thought so-and-so was very competitive out there..."), the coaches have been noticeably more excited about the performance of the Rebs in practice as of late.

Big crowd of fans greets Ole Miss after scrimmage | The Commercial Appeal
The largest ever Meet the Rebels day was this past weekend, with fans filling the IPF to meet the Ole Miss football players and coaches. Per the Cup's super secret sources (Twitter), the line to meet Robert Nkemdiche was long enough that some Rebel fans suffered through a two-hour wait. Thats.... amazing.

"The Season" 2013 Trailer |
"The Season," the award-winning Ole Miss media production which chronicles the goings on of our Rebel program, will debut a new episode next week. I'm almost as excited about this as I am for the actual football season.

Houston Nutt: 'Everything's in place' for Ole Miss to contend in SEC West |
[WARNING: Please remove all valuable objects from your vicinity, as you are likely to kick a hole in them after reading this.] Houston Nutt, a coach who won fewer games in his last two years in Oxford than Hugh Freeze won in his first, has given us a bowl of chicken shit and told us it's chicken salad by arguing that, due to his past leadership, Ole Miss isn't too far off from success. Which totally makes sense, because with the luxury of hindsight we can see a season where the Rebs lost by double digits to Louisiana Tech and Kentucky as signs of good fortunes to come OH WAIT WE CAN'T THAT WAS A BLACK HOLE OF FOOTBALL DESPAIR.