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REPORT: Freshman Tight End Christian Morgan Cleared for Practice

In a surprising turn of events, Morgan (who many thought would be forced to sit out the entire season with a knee injury) was cleared to return to practice today.

This message from Chuck Rounsaville of OMSpirit sent out this tweet today after practice:

Assuming this information is accurate (which I have no reason to argue against), the news could be quite good. Morgan arrived on campus in January and had a relatively promising, if slow, start as a tight end in Hugh Freeze's system. He didn't do much to pull away from the pack before hurting his knee, but he is 6'5" and weighs 255 pounds. Several other good schools (notably Florida State, to whom he was committed) offered him scholarships and thought highly of his abilities. His size and potential as a blocker gives him the chance to fill a role that Ole Miss can't currently utilize properly. Hugh Freeze is looking for a tight end who can block well, and Morgan may be the only option there.

No matter what, assuming he doesn't re-injure his knee, it's good to have Morgan able to play. Tight end is a huge question mark on the team, and having another talented player there can't hurt. Obviously, we'll have to wait to see how his knee holds up and whether he differentiates himself from the pack. Any way you slice it, this is good news.

I can't promise that Hugh Freeze's offense will ever actually utilize the tight end a great deal, but it certainly can't be expected to produce much if we're asking walk-ons (who likely have nice families and all that) to play heavy snaps. The offense certainly didn't center around the three senior tight ends on the team last year. I can't imagine the tight end position doing much this year. Still, there will be times when we need tight ends, particularly in blocking situations. Morgan could find a place there, at least situationally.