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Kailo Moore Returns to Practice, Media Uses This Opportunity to Troll Rumor Mongers

Rumors, innuendo, and vitriolic nonsense, oh my!


Over this past weekend, a rumor that freshman tailback Kailo Moore had quit Ole Miss football after just a few days of practice circulated on social media and college football forums. This rumor was wholly unsubstantiated, but, as we all know, such has never stopped such a rumor from spreading, particularly by fans of rival programs. Even though Moore had not, in any shape or form, quit Rebel football, many people used the opportunity presented by this rumor to wildly speculate about the former four-star prospect, suggesting that he was disgruntled with Ole Miss coaches, scared of physical contact, and possessed a poor work ethic. No, really, people did this.

Ole Miss beat writers for the Rebels' Scout and affiliates were annoyed by this, probably because they had to field an incessant barrage of questions on the subject from their readers ("HEY NEAL WHAT HAPPN TO KAILO MORE? A GUY AT THE KROGER ON HWY 51 IN MADISON TOLD ME HE QUIT THANKS I'LL HANG UP AND LISTEN.") and took to the Twittersphere to needle the rumor mongers during today's practice.

It should be noted that Kailo did miss a few practices, but only out of precaution. He was experiencing concussion-like symptoms and the coaches and trainers were playing it safe and keeping him away from contact. So when Neal here says that he "returned to practice," he doesn't mean "Kailo Moore, after quitting, had a change of heart and joined the team again."

The #Pasadena hashtag is where it gets good though. Pasadena is the location of the Rose Bowl. "Rose Bowl" is a nickname for Steve Robertson, the affiliate for Mississippi State. He earned this moniker after his (hilariously outrageous) prediction that Mississippi State would earn a Rose Bowl bid in 2001. State went 3-8 that season. So why did Neal call out Rosebowl Robertson? I have no idea, but I'm guessing that it's because Rosebowl had substantiated the rumor or, at the very least, made no effort whatsoever to quell it on his own site*.

Rosebowl didn't like this.

But, Steve, personal shots aren't as funny because the whole internet doesn't get to see them. #Pasadena and Rebel Sports Radio's Ben Garrett put forth some photo evidence.

EMsStTE (who you should be following ) though remains skeptical.

Kailo Moore can't be at practice, right? Because he quit, and his quitting is prima facie** evidence that TSUN recruits headcases, drug abusers, and cowards, wholly unlike Mississippi State, whose players are hard-working, humble, and stewards of their communities.

(Rosedale, no relation to Rosebowl, is Kailo Moore's hometown. He was rumored to have left Oxford for Rosedale.)

Chuck Rounsaville though went with the nuclear option.

Calling folks idiots? Getting Coach Freeze to snap a photograph with Moore? Damn son, talk about knowing how to push buttons. Troll on, y'all. Troll on.

*Some of you who are wholly unfamiliar with the virtual version of the Egg Bowl rivaly may be asking "now why would a Mississippi State message board have discussions about Ole Miss football players?" We've been asking the same thing for years.

**State fans, this is a Latin phrase. Don't worry about it.

EDIT: Trolololololololol