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A Message From Athletics Director Ross Bjork - The State of Ole Miss Athletics

An update on fundraising, student athlete academics, and facilities construction, as well as a few important notes on the future of Rebel athletics.

Important takeaways from this video include:

  • Many Rebel sports were successful in reaching the postseason this past fall
  • Fan attendance is doing well across the board
  • Improved overall athletics GPA
  • More successful fundraising has led to a larger overall athletics budget
  • Construction of the IPF updates, including a new team meeting room and an expanded weight room, are coming along very well
  • Some much-needed aesthetic upgrades have been made at Vaught-Hemingway
  • Updates on the Forward Together campaign, including renderings of the expansion of the northern endzone portion of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium and the exact location of the new Randy Kennedy Memorial Gymnaisum, will be released in a few weeks.

Overall, things are looking bright for the future of Ole Miss athletics. Things would look even brighter, though, if those of you with the means to do so opened up your checkbooks and gave back to the programs which, this past year, gave you a lot to be excited about.