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Rebel Roundup - August 12, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel News and Notes for the mid-August Doldrums


NCAA questions Mississippi State's Chris Jones on Ole Miss recruitment |
Welp, this will most certainly be the news of the day. The NCAA has interviewed Chris Jones, a freshman defensive end at Mississippi State, about his dealings with Ole Miss as a recruit out of Houston (MS) High. As of right now, the specific nature of the interview is unknown. While my readily admitted Rebel bias won't lead me to conclude anything other than this being a sound and fury signifying nothing, I'm sure that it will generate plenty of (dumb) discussion on the issue.

Ole Miss defense dominates in first preseason scrimmage |
Defenses are typically ahead of offenses in preseason practices, so I am not sure how much this scrimmage reveals. It does, however, reestablish two obvious and already known facts: our defense returns a lot of starters, and Bo Wallace needs to stop throwing interceptions.

Brittney Reese Defends World Long Jump Title |
Yesterday at the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Moscow, Ole Miss Rebel alumna and Team USA star Brittney Reese won her third straight world title in the long jump. Jumping 7.01 meters, Reese demonstrated once again why she's the world's best in the women's long jump.

Isiah Young, another Ole Miss grad competing for Team USA track, will sprint in the 200M for the red white and blue this week at the same event in Moscow. Go Brittney, Go Isiah, Oh Say can you See, Hotty Toddy, etc.

Here Are Two Impressive Birthday Cakes That Look Like Ole Miss Football Helmets | College Spun
I'm a sucker for football themed cakes. Okay, really, I'm just a sucker for cake in general, but if you can combine cake with Ole Miss football then you're guaranteed to be mentioned in one of these here linkdumps.

Iran's Not-So-Shocking Exposé of American Frat Boys | FP Passport
PressTV, an Iranian government owned and operated English language media outlet, sent some filmmakers to the United States to film a documentary called "Behind the Campus Walls." The documentary attempts to portray American college life as a four-year period of societally sanctioned hedonism (which isn't too far removed from the truth), and in doing so naturally decided to film a few scenes at Ole Miss.

For its final act, Behind the Campus Walls visits Ole Miss on the Saturday of a football game. While common sense would dictate that Iranian state television probably wouldn't mix well with liquor-soaked SEC football, it's actually a pretty great segment. While the narrator tut-tuts about binge drinking, claiming that "for fans of all ages, the day's objective is to drink as much as possible without getting caught," Clay, one of the students heckling the fraternity brothers earlier in the program, explains to the PressTV crew the need for beer and mixers, what kind of bourbon to drink, and how to sneak alcohol in to the football stadium -- by hiding shooters in your cowboy boots. He also brings them to a Chick-fil-A to pick up a chicken finger party platter. Viewers are also treated to photos of FDR and George W. Bush as cheerleaders, for reasons that are never specified.

I absolutely must see this documentary.