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Nickolas Brassell No Longer A Part of the Rebel Program

We all knew this was more likely to happen than the alternative, but as of today it's official.

Andy Lyons

Look who is reporting the news. Our old friend David "Negative Slant" Brandt. Why must you be such an Enemy of the Cup, David?


So there you have it. Snoop's gone. I truly do appreciate this coaching staff sticking with him for as long as they could, as frustrating as it might have been for them. I am sure they felt they could get him to turn his academic situation around and contribute to the program, even if for just one damn season. I am also sure that they know what we all know, and that's Brassell's incredible athleticism makes him such a valuable player that coaches cannot help but go out on a limb for the guy. As a true freshman he contributed mightily on offense, defense, and special teams. After a year in junior college and an offseason with Freeze's staff, he could have been a truly special athlete in the Southeastern Conference.

It sucks for him, and it sucks for us. The latter is for selfish reasons, whereas the former is for personal ones. As Ole Miss fans, we want football players that can best help our team win football games. But, then again, if someone cannot pass - not excel in, not earn Dean's List honors in, just pass - core college curricula with a small army of coaches, tutors, teammates and classmates willing to offer you their support, then that person is selfish, lazy, stupid, or all of the above. Those aren't qualities that can get one far in life, football player or not.

Oh well. This program is much bigger than one player. We'll move on. Best of luck to Nick Brassell in whatever it is he finds himself doing. I sincerely mean that, because I'm afraid he's going to need it.