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Rebel Roundup - July 29, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel News and Notes


Ole Miss OL apparently gained 176 pounds in offseason | EotC
I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing - Will they lose the weight anyway once fall workouts begin? Does the added mass help? Does the added mass slow them down? - but it's interesting nonetheless. Among the biggest weight-gainers this offseason are guard Jared Duke (added 32 pounds), center Chase Hughes (added 30 pounds), and guard Aaron Morris (added 30 pounds).

Video: SEC's most underrated players | SEC Blog - ESPN
Donte Moncrief gets credit as one of the SEC's most underrated players for this season per ESPN's Chris Low. While we Rebels love Moncrief, he's a bit overshadowed by Alabama's Amari Cooper, Texas A&M's Mike Evans, and Vanderbilt's Jordan Matthews.

Not Sports - William Faulkner's Heirs Aim to Preserve His Legacy and Profit From It |
A somewhat frustrating story about the Faulkner estate trying to capitalize on something that we Mississippians and Ole Miss Rebels consider treasured elements of the identity of the University of Mississippi.

He's co-producing a slate of Faulkner films and television shows, including James Franco's coming movie "As I Lay Dying." He's filed two copyright-infringement lawsuits, one against Sony Pictures Classics for using a Faulkner quote in Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" without permission, which a judge dismissed last week. And, along with the Faulkner family, he's tried to sell the Nobel Prize medallion—which had been the centerpiece of the "Mississippi Room" in the library at the University of Mississippi, where it was on loan for almost six decades.

Part of me doesn't mind people doing what they will with what is technically their property, but it still comes of as somewhat self-centered to this particular bloggeur.

Not Sports, and Only Peripherally Related to Ole Miss - Shep Smith Goes on Weird, Amazing Rant About True Blood & Baby Names | Gawker
I normally wouldn't link Gawker (because fuck Gawker), but this was too good to ignore. Shep Smith, everybody's favorite Ole Miss fan/cable news anchor, thinks the British Royal Family is silly, and likens their silliness to a show on HBO about vampires in Louisiana.