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Ole Miss at SEC Media Days Video and Commentary

Did you miss our coaches and players yesterday at SEC Media Days? That's fine, we've got you covered.


For full transcripts of the remarks made at SEC Media Days yesterday, go here. Otherwise, scroll down for some video.

Hugh Freeze:

Hugh Freeze really doesn't say much. Words do come out of his mouth, but more so than most coaches, they signify little and inform even less. That's most likely by design. He knows how to leverage the media to mitigate the expectations of his players and fans, and he is pretty good at keeping his cards close to his vest and not saying any potential foot-in-mouth type of remarks.

Characteristic of Coach Freeze is his ability to immediately downplay whatever praise he has just given or accomplishment he has lauded. "We recruited well... but then again these guys are just 18-year-old freshmen." "We made great strides in year one...we still have a lot of work to do in year two." "I caught a nine pound lunker today...okay, probably more like seven-and-a-half."

Bo Wallace:

Bo Wallace, looking like a fraternity pledge before his likely mandated haircut, spoke of his shoulder rehab (which is apparently coming along well), the team's confidence level heading into the season, and his expectations for the fall.

Donte Moncrief:

The seersucker is fantastic, Donte. The blue shirt under the seersucker is good, but I'm not feeling the long, straight collar. The lime green bowtie... well, you're on your own there.

The most important thing Moncrief says is that the team "[knows] that we can do better than we did last year."

Mike Marry:

Who told Mike Marry it was Easter? Could someone buy this man a new calendar?

Mike is also annoyed by something I've been annoyed by this offseason. "We don't want people to feel like we beat certain teams because they weren't expecting us to play that hard," he says, much to my agreement.