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Ole Miss at SEC Media Days OPEN THREAD

Where we all comment on what we see and hear this afternoon out of Hugh Freeze, Bo Wallace, Mike Marry, and Donte Moncrief.

Kelly Lambert

From 3:50-6:20 PM Central today, Ole Miss and South Carolina will get their turns taking in the spotlight at SEC Media Days, a rather pointless yet inexplicably enjoyable circus of football-starved fans and media held at the Wynfrey Hotel near Birmingham, Alabama. SB Nation will be represented at the event by Spencer Hall, Brandon Larrabee, Jason Kirk, and Steven Godfrey, so follow them on Twitter and check the SB Nation SEC Media Days stream to keep up with their coverage. We will also be posting Ole Miss related updates to our twitter account, as well as in this thread. Once todays events wrap up, we will likely have some of our own commentary on what was said either later tonight or earlier tomorrow. Stories on the SBN mothership will also likely be ported into the cover of this here website, so please stay tuned.

Speaking for Ole Miss today are:

  • Head coach Hugh Freeze
  • Donte Moncrief
  • Mike Marry
  • Bo Wallace

A livestream of the goings on can be viewed at or WatchESPN. Today's events begin right as you're wrapping up your lunch, so go ahead and forego whatever productive afternoon plans you've made and join us. The full schedule of SEC Media Days can be found here.