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Rebel Roundup - June 24, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel news and notes looks at basketball's big men, Hugh Freeze's offense, and more.

Aaron Jones with the dunk.
Aaron Jones with the dunk.

Ole Miss big men have big shoes to fill | EotC
Ole Miss basketball lost a lot up front when Murphy Holloway and Reginald Buckner graduated this past May. Forwards Aaron Jones and Demarco Cox, who missed much of the year with injuries, are going to have to pick up where they left off, alongside freshmen newcomers Sebastian Saiz and Dwight Coleby.

Sure You Wanna Speed It Up? Faster Offenses Lead To Weaker Defenses In The SEC |
Not so fast, Mister Southeastern Conference. Correlation =/= causation. The reason teams which run hurry ups have "weaker" defenses (which you so conveniently measure in yards and points given up) is that teams which run those types of offenses run more plays in a game and therefore have more drives. This means the opponent has the opportunity to run more plays on more drives. It isn't, itself, a cause of "poor" defensive performance.

Hugh Freeze Has Ole Miss Rebels on the Rise |
Ole Miss is trending upward. You're going to hear this a lot this offseason. Don't let it get to your head.

Isiah Young Makes World Championships In 200m |
Rebel track star Isiah Young earned the silver medal at the USA Championships yesterday Sunday in Iowa City, Iowa. This means he will be able to represent the US and A in Moscow in the 2013 Track and Field World Championships in Moscow.