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Weekend Plans - June 22, 2013

Yet again, we're somehow still here while it is summertime. Sweet, beautiful, sweltering summertime. Fireworks, cold beer, smoky barbecue, and bikinis define the time. We're having fun, and we would like you to as well. While our Autumn weekends will be engulfed in the conflagration of college football fandom, those of our summer will be fun and varied. As such, we Cuppers would like to share with you our Summer weekend plans, along with the weekend plans of a few others of note, in order to hopefully give you ideas as to enjoyably bide your time until kickoff. This weekend's theme song? "Tighten Up" by The Black Keys.


DC Area Rebels - Attending the annual Mississippi on the Mall event. Eating fried catfish, drinking cheap beer, getting terribly sunburned, and enjoying life.

Aaron Hernandez - Probably regretting several decisions.

Johnny Manziel - Doing something stupid. Reacting somewhat poorly to it. Driving fans and media members into an insane tailspin of wild accusations and rampant rumor mongering.

Paula Deen - Perpetuating awful stereotypes of Southern people, yawwwwwllllll.

Bret Bielema - Walking around shirtless. Eating cheese fries. Farting in a recliner. Definitely not cheating on his wife. So, aside from that last part, he's definitely endearing himself to the Arkansas fanbase.

Marshall Henderson - Catching up on the New Yorker! Why do I subscribe to all these magazines?! I don't even know y'all! Lots of Malcolm Gladwell columns to read!

Mississippi State - Shit, probably winning the College World Series or something.

Sports fans outside of Mississippi - Thankfully not giving a damn about the College World Series.