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Raleigh Regional: Ole Miss vs. William and Mary Preview and Open Thread

The Rebels will face the Tribe once again in Raleigh.


Sam Smith will take the mound for the Rebels against William and Mary in today's win-or-go-home scenario for both teams. Brett Koehler, a righty who started out the season as the Friday night guy for W&M, will be starting for the Tribe.

The Rebel lineup today is:

  1. LF Tanner Mathis
  2. CF Austin Bousfield
  3. SS Austin Anderson
  4. C Stuart Turner
  5. 3B Andrew Mistone
  6. 1B Preston Overbey
  7. RF Will Jamison
  8. DH Will Allen
  9. 2B Christian Helsel
The Game's on ESPN3. I'll probably watch some of it. You probably should as well.