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The Rebels are in Omaha! (Sorta!)

They did it! "They" being idiot t-shirt manufacturers and "it" being, yet again, confusing Ole Miss for Mississippi State.

Son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch.

The Mississippi State Rebels are in the College World Series, per a rogue Nebraska t-shirt manufacturer.

Blake Kirby, a friend of the Cup who knows a thing or two about baseball and the passion of the Egg Bowl rivalry, tweeted this out earlier today:

I don't know who is more bothered by this, us or them. Regardless, this is about as humorous and sad a slipup as I've seen. It really does make one wonder how this could happen and with such frequency. Of course, my perspective lends me to think such a mistake to be impossible, being as how obsessed I am with SEC sports, but even from the perspective of an entrepreneur trying to cash in on some College World Series fan dollars one would have to think that a detail such as the actual names of the teams participating in the event would not be overlooked. Right?

Anyway, one billion cup dollars and reimbursement in actual US dollars to any one, Bulldog or otherwise, who purchases whatever's left of those shirts and sets them on fire, preferably right in front of whomever it is that's selling them.