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Every SEC Team's Overall Rating in EA Sports NCAA 2014

Playing with Alabama isn't unfair; it's worse than that.

Stacy Revere

Do you like video games? Do you like college football? If you answered yes to both, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just think of this as what a bunch of software engineers think of our football teams.

Team Overall Offense Defense
Alabama 99 99 99
LSU 93 93 92
TAMU 91 95 88
Georgia 91 95 88
Florida 90 90 92
SCar 90 88 90
Ole Miss 90 91 88
Auburn 88 88 90
Missouri 88 90 87
Arkansas 88 88 87
Schtuyte 88 90 85
Tennessee 86 84 88
Kentucky 84 84 83
Vanderbilt 83 84 82

These are the overall, offense, and defense ratings of the 14 SEC teams. Some initial observations:

  1. Playing with Alabama is hereby considered cheating.
  2. How Texas A&M doesn't have the conference's best offense is beyond me.
  3. What the hell does Vanderbilt have to do to earn some damn respect? They won nine games last season, some of which were won convincingly! And yet EA Sports has them as the worst team in the SEC?! As in KENTUCKY AND MISSOURI are rated higher than they are?! That's just nonsense.
  4. Ole Miss has the fifth best team overall (tied with Florida and South Carolina), the fifth best offense overall, and the sixth best defense overall (tied Texas A&M, Geogia, and Tennessee). I'll take it, even if I only really buy our offensive prowess right now.
  5. I'll probably still buy this game.