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Raleigh Regional: Ole Miss Rebels vs. Binghamton Bearcats Preview and Open Thread

The Rebels lost yesterday to the William and Mary Tribe, 4-2. Today, they face the Binghamton Bearcats in the Raleigh REgional who lost to the NC State Wolfpack, 4-1.

A pitching meltdown, a costly error, and nearly nonexistent bats (outside of untimely singles followed up by strikeouts and groundouts*) cost the Rebels their opening game of the Raleigh regional, as they fell 4-2 to William and Mary who, in doing so, won their very first NCAA postseason baseball game.**

This puts Ole Miss in the losers bracket along with the Binghamton Bearcats who lost to NC State 4-1 yesterday. I presume they expected to lose or strategized to take advantage of the losers bracket, because...

The Rebs will obviously throw Bobby Wahl. Which is totally the best use of his talents. Binghamton. Losers bracket. NC State regional. This is how the world ends.

The game starts at 1:00 PM Central, and can be viewed on ESPN3. Your open thread is below. As improbable as a regional victory is at this point, let's hope for a Rebel win today. Staying alive is better than not, I'd reckon.

*Of course

**Of damned course