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Rebel Roundup - May 27, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel news and notes looks at baseball, tennis, football, and more football.

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We're not hosting one! But we're going to one! We'll have details soon. Stay tuned.

Bird and Shark -- the dynamic duo |
Ole Miss tennis stars Nik Scholtz and Jonas Lutjen have earned as a duo the moniker “Team Birdshark”. Scholtz is the shark, Lutjen is the bird, and together they're "Birdshark." Get it? Anyway, the two made it all the way to the NCAA final four in doubles tennis this weekend, before falling in the semifinals to a duo of Texas Longhorns. Still, advancing that far is a great accomplishment, and just another accomplishment in a long line of accomplishments of the Ole Miss men's tennis program.

Three Rebels Qualify For NCAA Finals During East Prelims |
Isiah Young, Morris Kersh, and Sam Kendricks have all qualified for the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Young set an Ole Miss and East preliminary record by running a 9.99 in the 100 meters (for the uninitiated, that's just stupid fast) and qualified for the finals in the 100 and 200 meter events. If you'll recall, Young ran the 200 meters for the United States of 'Murica in the 2012 London Olympics, so it is only true to form that he'd be a legit contendor for an NCAA title in the event. Kersh earned a spot to compete in the triple jump, and Kendricks will represent Ole Miss in the pole vault.

Ole Miss Chris Kiffin moving out of family shadow | ESPN
This is a great read on Rebel defensive line coach and 'crootin coordinator Chris Kiffin. His recruiting prowess as a part of Hugh Freeze's staff have given him a chance to earn his own reputation outside of being simply Lane's brother and Monte's son.

Robert Nkemdiche prepares to play for the Ole Miss Rebels | ESPN
You can't help but get giddy with excitement when you hear a recruit say something like this:

We can probably go to a national championship...I know that is a big goal but I feel like with our class, we can come in and can help out what I think is a solid defense already and as a really good team overall we can work toward that common goal. I feel if we can come together like people say we can, we are going to be really successful.