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Rebel Roundup - May 24, 2013

Stacy Revere

Today's random video is one of my favorites... Bat fight.

Athlon Sports | MSU or OM: Who Will Finish With More SEC Wins?

Spoiler alert: four out of five of the writers pick Ole Miss. It certainly seems like Ole Miss returns the better team. Couple that with the fact that Ole Miss' east foes are Vanderbilt (yikes) and Missouri (not yikes), and it's easy to see that the Rebels are more likely to have the most wins of the two programs. Obviously a lot can happen during a season, and in late May anything football-related is simply conjecture, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The narrative from State has been that Ole Miss is an untalented team with a high school coach. How would their fans be able to explain it if Ole Miss won convincingly in Starkville?

Clarion Ledger | Ole Miss Falls to Alabama

The SEC Tournament doesn't matter unless you win it. Also, while I'm still following this team, I'm certainly not paying attention with the same vigor and gusto that tricked me into purchasing Rebelvision just so I could watch them get a few singles a game and lose one run games.

Clarion Ledger | Ole Miss Shifts Focus to NCAA Tournament

As the article points out...

One potential positive for Ole Miss leaving the tournament before the weekend was that it never had to use ace Bobby Wahl, who Bianco admitted would have started today's game had the Rebels advanced. Wahl tired by the end of the regular season, and if he pitches Game 1 of the regional will have gone 13 days between starts.

The last thing we wanted was for this tournament to hurt our chances as a two seed in a regional. No one was hurt, and a few of our relievers got to see some more time than normal. That's good.

SB Nation | Presenting SEC Coaches With Tiny Faces

Some Aggie with Photoshop did this... and it's hysterical.

SB Nation | All of the SEC Twitter Accounts

FOLLOW THEM ALL NOW (And, fun fact, @RedCupRebellion is the second most followed Twitter account associated with an SEC SB Nation site. Thanks, y'all!)