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The Nkemdiche Brothers are Staying in Shape this Summer

So what if it's creepy. Don't act like you're not excited to see this little bit of Instagrammin'.

For those of you worried that the incoming freshman defensive tackle might not be in proper college football shape or have the size necessary to compete right away in the Southeastern Conference, worry no longer.

Obviously that's Freshman All-American Ole Miss Rebel linebacker Denzel Nkemdiche on his left. Denzel is listed as being 5'11" and 203 pounds. If that is to be believed, then his "little" brother Robert is conceivably bigger than the 6'5", 265 pounds he is listed as by ESPN.

Oh, and he's yet to take his first course at Ole Miss as a freshman. It is nearly inconceivable that an 18-year-old can have the build of a rookie in the NFL, but Nkemdiche does. This doesn't lead me to predict any sort of Freshman all-American honors or anything of that sort, but it does serve as evidence enough of his ability to contribute in this league and as a member of this team's defensive line from day one.