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Crowdsourcing: The Most Difficult Ole Miss Rebel Football Games of the 2013 Season

Where we ask the Cup commentariat which games they think will present the biggest challenge to our Rebels for this upcoming season.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier today, I appeared on Rebel Sports Radio's Friends With Muscles program where the one and only Rick Muscles broke down the Ole Miss football schedule with yours truly. We looked at what games we thought the Rebs would win or lose, blurted out our ill-informed prognostications for the upcoming season, and got a bit excited about Ole Miss Rebel football in 2013. By all accounts, this team should be competitive and exciting, as Hugh Freeze's teams are wont to be.

That said, this will be a stunningly difficult schedule for this team, especially early on. So difficult in fact that it's tough to point point which games are "gimmes" verses those which are almost guaranteed losses.... Okay, picking a loss at Bama and a win against SEMO isn't exactly groundbreaking, but just look and the slate we've got this season and you'll see what I mean.

  • Sep 29 - at Vanderbilt
  • Aug 7 - SEMO
  • Aug 14 - at Texas
  • Aug 28 - at Alabama
  • Oct 5 - at Auburn
  • Oct 12 - Texas A&M
  • Oct 19 - LSU
  • Nov 9 - Arkansas
  • Nov 16 - Idaho
  • Nov 23 - Mizzou
  • Nov 28 - Egg Bowl at Schtuyte
So in the comments section, let us know how you'd rank these games from 1 to 12. Which games are our most difficult, and which are our easiest?