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Ole Miss Rebels Advocating For Proper Landshark Technique

Because it's a carnivorous fish, not some type of fowl.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

With last month's emergence of Marshall Henderson as one of the most controversial and talked about players in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the college sports watching world received more exposure of the landshark than they have ever before. In spite of the gesture being falsely attributed to Henderson, with folks going as far to call the guard himself "the Landshark," it was excellent to see an odd yet fun Ole Miss tradition gain some traction in the national spotlight.

But there's a problem with this, and it's not exactly a slight one. The landshark as popularized by Marshall Henderson is not a landshark at all. I don't know what it is - a "Rebel Rooster" perhaps - but a landshark it is not. The proper landshark gesture does not have an outwardly extended thumb, separated fingers, or any wiggling or any sort. It's a fin, not a rooster's comb. It's not this; it's this.

We'd like to make sure the world knows this before the false landshark outshines the original, proper landshark. If this is a cause you too can get behind, then join the Facebook group here. Then, you know, spread the word or something. Traditions and so forth. Get all up in arms over something largely inconsequential for the sake of it. You all know we're damn strong at that, so let's not disappoint.