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Ole Miss at LSU: Basketball Open Thread

The SEC season finale is here, as Ole Miss travels to LSU while somehow still in the NCAA Tournament picture.

Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE

As odd as it may sound, the Rebels can keep their NCAA hopes alive today with a road win over LSU in the PMAC. We're not saying it's going to happen, nor would we even begin to predict as much, but we are saying, a la Lloyd Christmas, that there is a chance. So give it a watch if you're not already knee deep in a case of Keystone on the shores of the Florida Panhandle (happy Spring Break, y'all).

WHO: Ole Miss vs. LSU

WHAT: Basketball

WHEN: 12:30 PM Central

WHERE: The Pete Maravich Assembly Center, Baton Rouge

WHY: Because you still care about this team making the NCAA Tournament, despite what you're telling yourself right now.


TO WHAT EXTENT: I'm not sure why you just asked that.

[Here's the official preview from the Ole Miss Sports mothership, and here's DonteMonqueef's breakdown of Ole Miss' bubble chances. They're good background material for this game.]