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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Vanderbilt Commodores to be a part of ESPN's College Football Opening Day Coverage

The two SEC rivals will face off on the first day of the college football season.

Grant Halverson

Our Ole Miss Rebels will kick off the 2013 college football season against the Vanderbilt Commodores in Nashville on Thursday, August 29th. Kickoff will be at 8:15 PM Central and the game will be broadcast on ESPN. This is all per a tweet from the official Ole Miss football Twitter account as of 20 minutes ago.

As with anything, I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm generally excited for our program. The entire college football watching public will have their eyes and ears tuned in to our game, and if we can perform well it will have our Rebels as a focal point of the national media football conversation - if only for a few hours.

However, it is a Thursday night game on the road in the SEC. That's something that does not fare well for our Rebels, as it typically doesn't fare well for any visiting team in that situation. Additionally, James Franklin's Commodores have played very well against our Rebels for the past two seasons, and I don't expect his third season to be any different in terms of the challenge he and his team pose.

But, hey, long weekend in Nashville, right? Should be fun for those of us who can make it.