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Rebel Roundup - March 29th, 2013


Here's a random video to start things off. Happy Friday.

Daily Journal | Rebels' Ellis Getting Back in Routine

Chris Ellis is a big piece to the Rebels' chances at Omaha. He was shaky in his return to action Sunday, but chalk that up to rust. The fact that he hit 95 MPH on the gun shows his promise. If Ole Miss goes into weekends with Wahl, Mayers, and a healthy Ellis, it could be a strong, strong contender. Ellis has good raw tools and pitched well as a freshman with a 2.84 ERA in 32 innings of work. Sam Smith has performed fine and helped get the job done so far, but it's important for the pitching staff to shore up the Sunday job, something that hasn't happened very often in Mike Bianco's tenure (be it his fault or not). | UK Women's Basketball Assistant Coach Takes Ole Miss Job

I know that not many people (including me) follow our women's basketball team. It's not a money sport, and Ole Miss fans don't even support men's basketball well, so it's to be expected. That being said, it's nice to see that AD Ross Bjork was able to make a seemingly strong hire for the job. Matt Insell appears to be a capable coach who helped Kentucky turn things around and reach national prominence. Maybe he'll... you know... help us win or something.

ESPN | Marshall Henderson's Mistaken

This discussion is an interesting one, and I think it's a fun topic, but it's getting kind of ridiculous.

Now that Marshall Henderson's NCAA tournament experience is over, lets hope that when the shoot-first Ole Miss star returns for his senior season that he has undergone a personality change that makes him a lot less obnoxious.

I mean... I guess I had always heard that it's only unprofessional blogs like ours who criticize players' personalities and stuff. I thought "real" media like ESPN was above stuff like that. I guess that's not the case?