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Rebel PF Signee Sebastian Saiz Highlights

The Spanish big man is set to join the Ole Miss program in the fall of 2013.

A former member of the Spanish national U-18 basketball team, Sebastian Saiz is a 6'9" forward out of Kansas' Sunrise Christian Academy and one of the more intriguing prospects the Rebels have signed for this incoming freshman basketball class. In this highlight video, Saiz shows his touch around the basket, his rebounding abilities, and his combination of size and athleticism. He makes some moves which, frankly won't look so easy against SEC competition, but he's got what it takes to be a valuable player for our program if his skills and attributes are developed.

Saiz will join center Dwight Coleby and small forward Janari Joesaar as newcomers this fall. Coleby is original of the Bahamas, but played for Piney Woods High School just south of Jackson, and Joesaar is an ethnically Estonian native of Finland who has played internationally for Estonia. So, if you're keeping track, that means that Ole Miss is going to have players from Venezuela, Spain, the Bahamas, and Finland on its roster next year. It's a veritable United Nations in the Tad Pad.