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You don't do the Landshark! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!

For those of you who, like me until yesterday, were wholly unfamiliar with Lasalle, here are some quick facts.

  • La Salle is a small, private, Catholic university.
  • They're located in Philadelphia.
  • They almost had to shut the place down in the 1930's because they went broke.
  • They're a member of the unaptly named Atlantic 10 conference. Philadelphia is on the Delaware River which flows into the Atlantic ocean. There's the connection.
  • Don't even try to explain why universities in Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri are in the Atlantic 10.
  • La Salle's teams are known as the "Explorers."
  • Here is their logo, which features one of the Three Musketeers, presumably, exploring:

    That, or he's a peeping tom, which is not cool, y'all.
  • Odds of an Ole Miss fan, slightly inebriated and woozy from a lunch at Oklahoma Joe's washed down with a few pints of Kansas City's own Boulevard beer, of shouting "HEY! WHATCHA ESSPLORIN?! SOME DUDE'S BUTT?!" - 1:1
  • Oh, and tipoff has been announced for 6:40 PM Central on TruTV, who will make more money in ad revenue this weekend than they have all year due entirely to Marshall Henderson.