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Rebel Roundup - March 22, 2013

Scott Halleran

It's Friday of March Madness. The Rebels play Wisconsin today at 11:40 CT.


My Bracket is already ruined

Thanks, New Mexico. I KNEW you were a final four team. I also had Oklahoma State in the Elite Eight. It's a good thing I don't hinge my happiness on athletics OH WAIT.

Bo Wallace Surgery Update - Jackson, MS

WTVA | Ole Miss Announces Contract Extension for Ross Bjork

Bjork will receive a 15% raise, and while people will argue about whether that's enough it's certainly deserved. What he has helped do within our athletic department during just one year is remarkable. I was never one to hate on Pete Boone much, but Bjork has been seemingly blunderless (at least in the public eye) in year one. He's responsive to fans and proactive: exactly what you want in an AD. Fundraising doesn't appear to be an issue either.

Clarion Ledger | Ole Miss, Texas A&M Each Enter With Hot Hand

This article was actually written by a newspaper. That's pretty amazing. Soon, they won't have to employ ANYONE. Everything will simply be written by the paper itself. Anyway, as for the actual article it's pretty basic but helpful. Ours is better of course, but come on.... how can we hold sentient pieces of paper to such a high standard?

San Francisco Chronicle | Ole Miss to Spend $6 million to Design New Arena

Wait... what? I don't.... wait.... what? I thought... didn't we already design the new arena? I'm so confused.

Six million dollars seems like a lot of money to design a facility, but who knows. You've got to spend money to make money... on a sport that is falling out of favor. Honestly though, I'm really glad we're building a new arena. I think there are tremendous problems with the Tad Pad (not just the leaky roof), and if we're trying to be viewed as a contender among athletic departments, we have to have good facilities all around.

That being said, if they were coming to me asking for money, they'd have to explain how this investment is going to pay off.

Sun Herald | Ole Miss Changes Gameday Parking

It looks like things are going to get tougher for the middle class people poors who want to go to games. While I think it's a good decision in the long run, I don't think Bjork's statement is genuine.

As our crowds and demand continue to grow, a new organized parking model was necessary to ensure our fans, season ticket holders and donors are afforded the centralized lots on campus," Ole Miss director of athletics Ross Bjork said in a statement. "Our fans, alumni and friends are the backbone of our athletics department. We are excited to provide them this opportunity first.

Look. We get it. We can make more money this way. It will be good for the program and organization on gameday. Acknowledge that. It's fine. We'll pay more for a winning product. Love ya.