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No. 5 Wisconsin Badgers vs. No. 12 Ole Miss Rebels OPEN THREAD

For the first time since 2002, the Ole Miss Rebels are in the big dance. They'll begin their tournament play against the Badgers of Wisconsin.


WHO? Ole Miss vs. Wisconsin

WHAT? The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament

WHEN? 11:30 AM Central

WHERE? Kansas City, MO

WHY? For an extremely slim opportunity to play for the national basketball title, and for the hell of it.

HOW? TruTV (which used to be CourtTV... which you also didn't watch) or online at

Before you dive right into this, make sure you're properly initiated. Here's your required reading list:

You all know the drill. Introduce yourself with your location and current drink of choice. You also know to cut it loose, have fun, and be absolutely thrilled to see our Rebels finally back in the NCAA tournament. Open thread's on, y'all. Hotty Toddy, and beat Wisconsin.