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Rebel Roundup - February 8, 2013

Ole Miss was the talk of college football this week, something we'll hope to cover in today's news and notes.

Is Hugh Freeze already texting 'croots? He can't even pay attention to Eli Manning? Man, what a machine this guy is.
Is Hugh Freeze already texting 'croots? He can't even pay attention to Eli Manning? Man, what a machine this guy is.

Ole Miss Rebels coach Hugh Freeze doesn't to hear about rumors without facts | ESPN
"TEH T$UN BARE$ I$ ¢H€ATIN" allegations have been as intense as ever after Hugh Freeze and staff signed a consensus top-10 recruiting class this past Wednesday. That has, in no way, deterred the Rebel coaching staff, as they have both openly bristled at and replied to such criticism.

How Hugh Freeze signed Ole Miss' historic recruiting class | Andy Staples -
If you read one thing about Ole Miss' recent recruiting successes, make this be it. Truly an enjoyable read from Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples on the Ole Miss coaching staff and their approach to recruiting.

National Signing Day Winners | 247Sports
We're the biggest winners, even without Elijah Daniel and Chris Jones. Take that, everyone else.

Chris Kiffin Named 2013 Recruiter Of The Year |
After helping Ole Miss haul in a consensus top-10 recruiting class that included several of the nation's top prospects, Rebel assistant coach Chris Kiffin was named the 2013 Recruiter of the Year by Nkemdiche and Tunsil were his primary responsibilities as a recruiter, so I'd say he sealed the deal there pretty well.

Ryan Buchanan: The Most Frat Quarterback In Ole Miss History?
It's a fanpost that I'm not going to put on the cover, but I do encourage you to read it anyway because, really, Ryan Buchanan is the most Ole Missish recruit in recent history. His first name is Ryan, he is a senior at Jackson Prep, and just look at his haircut. He's a four star quarterback and a five star fratter.

Oh boy, this is awkward.
I wonder what they were thinking during this moment.

Ole Miss still in good spot despite last week's losses to UK and UF |
Gary Parrish is an advocate for both Andy Kennedy and Marshall Henderson. I mostly agree with his premise too. In spite of last week's losses to Kentucky and Florida, this team does control its own destiny. After beating a myriad of bodily fluids out of State this past Wednesday (Get this: signing day was so captivating that we almost forgot that our nationally ranked basketball team listlessly walloped Schtuyte in the Tad Pad that night.), the Rebels have a daunting road trip to Mizzou before a slew of winnable games to close out the regular season. Currently at 7-2 in the league, this team could very well finish with fewer than five conference losses, which would assuredly have them in the dance... right?