Ryan Buchanan: The Most Frat Quarterback In Ole Miss History?

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"I can't wait for bid day." Ryan Buchanan said to Mexter Dccluster when he committed to Ole Miss this summer. On this day, Buchanan, the most sought after high school frat star in the country, instantly became the biggest frat prospect to commit to Ole Miss' incoming freshman class of 2013-2014, and maybe in history. Buchanan already comes from one of the most Ole Miss Frat-As-Fuck high schools in America: Jackson Preparatory School. Prep has produced some of the most FAF pledges in america in the last few years, but Buchanan is perhaps the most coveted of the bunch.

Here are Buchanan's Measurables:

  • Ht:6'3"
  • Wt:210 lbs
  • GPA:3.4
  • Bench Max:225
  • Vertical:30 inches
  • Sports Played in HS: 4
  • Slams pieces hit: 6
  • Chill To Pull Ratio: 5:5
  • Chug Speed: 3.5 seconds
  • Shot Max: 12

Scouting Report:

Without question, Buchanan has some very impressive traits to his game. He possesses very good measurables, although we do not feel he is as rich as his listed worth. He comes from a multiple scheme where he is asked to work from brunettes to blondes and move off the redheads to his bros. He is very efficient and decisive in his methods and shot taking ability is very attractive. He has a good feel for the house party, and makes a lot of quick, heady decisions.

His alcohol tolerance, chugging speed, game and set up are very sound and consistent. He spits with adequate negging on the insecure girls, but also shows good touch and class to the sensitive girls. He hits the shot block on the move extremely well and with good accuracy. Shows good touch on the beer funnel, and drinks the beers in stride on short funnels and long funnels. He will take chances, especially at bars, but they are calculated ones. He runs well when the cops show up and has surprising athleticism, especially when hopping fences.

He is a good leader and knows his greek alphabet well. Will keep his eyes out for his bros when buying time for them and knows what to tell the authority figures. He also makes a mean batch of hunch punch, that is not to heavy on the sugar. With Buchanan you have a prospect with good, potentially great chugging, and shot taking abilities. However, he lacks great stamina, especially on long chugs. His vertical chugs can tail off and lose power. He compensates with the ability to avoid his seal breaking for longer periods of time than most.

Has a Matthew Stafford type delivery - somewhat three-quarters and tight. There is a lot to like about Buchanan. He has a quiet swagger about him, and he has the highest chill to pull ratio since Jay Cutler.

When we asked Operation_Masoli_Freedom about Buchanan's much anticipated recruitment he said:

"His real recruitment doesn't start until next fall, but I'm sure he's already getting some interest from the top programs on Fraternity Row. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes right down to Bid Day for his signature. Early on, of course, you have to look for the traditional Jackson powerhouses of Sigma Nu and Sigma Chi, but there is some excitement surrounding a relative upstart in Sigma Pi. They have the brother of the number 1 fratstar in the upcoming pledge class so that may be enough to garner interest from some of the other top rushees. Arch-rival KA is mistakenly still convinced that their one legacy rushee is enough to make them the best fraternity on campus. However it shakes out, I'll be interested to see what some of the experts over at 247frat, , and SouthernProper have to say about this budding Greek."

As of right now here is no clear cut favorite for the pledge of Ryan Buchanan, and he likely will receive the most bids in the history of the Ole Miss greek system. However, there is one thing we do know: Whoever gets this kid as a pledge, is gonna be the favorites of the 2013-2014 spring semester.

contributions by Operation_Masoli_Freedom and Mexter Dccluster

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