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Rebel Basketball: Ole Miss vs. Auburn - Open Thread

The Rebels return home to take on the Auburn Tigers in an SEC rematch.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

With the once-promising Rebel season on life support after a humiliating loss on the road to a bad South Carolina Gamecocks team, Andy Kennedy and his team will have to likely win out and win a pair of games in the SEC Tournament just to get off of the NCAA bubble (which, if you're a cynic, means that won't at all happen, because it never does). That road to the Final Four (of the NIT) starts tonight in Oxford as the Auburn Tigers travel to the Tad Pad to avenge a last-minute loss suffered in Auburn Arena earlier this year.

As I'm sure you haven't forgotten, the last time the Rebels and the Tigers met, Marshall Henderson sent the college basketball watching world into a bit of a tizzy with his postgame antics which, to put it mildly, weren't well received by Auburn students.

Ah yes, the .gif that we will never, ever get tired of around here. The Rebels won that night in Auburn by two, after none other than Henderson made two clutch freethrows during the waning seconds of the contest. I'm sure the Auburn players and fans would like to see the Rebels lose in the Tad Pad tonight, but I'm not calling it. Rebels win by 10-ish.

Open thread! Go!