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Baseball Weekend Open Thread - Ole Miss vs. Rhode Island

The undefeated Ole Miss Rebels will host the Rhode Island Rams this weekend in Oxford.

So, this series has already begun and all, but here's your open thread anyway. Better late than never, right? My apologies for allowing, like, life and stuff to catch up with me.

So, for the sake of expedience, I'm not going to be able to provide you all with a full preview with our "expert" analysis, prognostications, and corny jokes, but I can tell you who is pitching this weekend. That'd be the following:

Rhode Island - RHP Mike Bradstreet
Ole Miss - RHP Bobby Wahl

RHP Sean Furney
RHP Mike Mayers

RHP Liam O'Sullivan, Jr.
RHP Chris Ellis

While at 0-3, the Rhode Island Rams aren't exactly slouches - well, they're not as slouchy as UT Martin at least. They did get swept by Florida State in Tallahassee last weekend, but forced extra innings in game three to make it at least somewhat suspenseful. Still, if the Rebel arms can be this weekend what they were last weekend, a Rebel series victory is all but guaranteed.