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Did Last Night Signal the End of the Andy Kennedy Era? If so, what of it?

Just a few weeks ago, the Rebs were the talk of the SEC with a 6-0 conference record. Then came a stretch of seven games, fives of which were losses. Last night was, for many, the straw that broke the camel's back, as the Rebels lost to a patently bad South Carolina team on the road. At 8-7 in the SEC, Andy Kennedy's Rebels are yet again on the outside looking in for NCAA Tournament consideration, leading many to believe that he's all but sealed his termination at Ole Miss. Juco and I GChatted about this last night. Here's the gist of our conversation. Grammar and spelling are altered very little because doing so wouldn't capture our frustration. Enjoy.

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Juco (who will be in italics, because that's how he talks): YAY BASEBALL

Ghost: yep

Honestly, Kennedy absolutely has to be fired. The SEC is horrendous, and he couldn't capitalize off that with a team full of experienced players in an era where teams just don't have experienced players

Experienced big men and the national junior college player of the year

The SEC's leading scorer

look it up,every team that has 'crooted the juco POY has done well in the following year, it's science

And the Ole Miss blocks record holder

and rebounds ha wow

Yeah. Exactly.

So now that we've established that he should be fired the real question is whether or not he will be

I. Just don't see how he could not be. This is the worst finish he has ever had and he's in year seven. Seriously... SOUTH CAROLINA HAS WON THREE SEC GAMES NOW THREE it's ridiculous

It's not as if it wouldn't be totally justified at this point. I have always felt he could recruit

For people who say we could do a lot worse... I understand that we could. I get it

do you think that he's just unable to maintain chemistry? scheme against opposing coaching?

But we couldn't yield lower fan expectations and NCAA Tournament appearances Yeah. Chemistry.

We have the longest tournament drought in the SEC period that's it US SOUTH CAROLINA AND AUBURN HAVE BEEN MORE RECENTLY THAN WE HAVE

What about this Michael White chatter

If he'll come, get him immediately. He's doing this with sophomores and juniors

I think people feel we're his destination job because we're his alma mater but I'm not so sure that's the case

We're no one's destination job

you've got to think he's going to get a lot of attention

If ole miss hired ME to coach basketball... Then a decent team in any other conference offered me a job, I'd take it. Ole Miss has bad fan support in a state that isn't good for basketball, especially in producing players with really high basketball IQs, which is detrimental in basketball in ways it isn't in football

do you mean the HS ball isn't sophisticated enough?

Yeah, dude Watching NC basketball, even the bad teams are just epic in comparison. They have high basketball IQs

Well I don't know enough about the sport or coaching it to suggest that such could be worked around. I just feel that with our proximity to Memphis, a new arena, and fans who, while fairweather, do want successful sports, we could create a better-than-average basketball program

Yeah... Basketball players from Memphis LOOOOOVE Oxford

You say that as if we don't have Memphis guys on our roster

Yeah. We have one

the point is that there are talented players there, and two. We have two. Newby and Buckner SO DOUBLE WHAT YOU SAID. So, yeah, I'm using this GChat conversation in a post if there's anything you don't want included let me know.

don't make it sound like I think Michael White will come here, and e clear that I don't think this is the worst RECORD he has ever had. Worst FINISH to a year. I don't want to sound like an overreactive fan. I've spent six years sticking up for Kennedy. I really, really wanted him to be good.

Yeah, me too. We had so many chances for that to happen.