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Rebel Roundup - February 11, 2013

Hey, Reggie Buckner sorta hit a guy, and other bits of Ole Miss Rebel news and notes.

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Jamie Squire

Ole Miss' Reginald Buckner punches Missouri's Laurence Bowers |
We lost by double digits, failed to capitalize on opportunities given, and had a starter ejected for fighting. Granted, Mizzou was sortof looking for one, but Buckner's actions could have and should have been avoided, and the sting of the loss makes them that much more embarrassing. To be fair, the Tigers almost never lose in Mizzou Arena, so we had a tall task in front of us, but we should have looked better than what we saw on Saturday.

Position recruiting ranking: Defense |
Even though Robert Nkemdiche was the only defensive end Ole Miss signed on National Signing Day, the Rebels landed a top-5 DE "class" per Rivals. If Chris Jones or Elijah Daniel - or both - had come on board, then it truly would have been the top class of defensive ends in the nation.

Position recruiting ranking: Offense |
The same folks have Ole Miss as having a top-5 class of running backs and wide receivers but, interestingly enough, not offensive linemen. I do believe that there were some very strong offensive line classes, but the four guys we've brought in are definitely going to add some skill and depth to our efforts up front.

Diamond Rebels Picked Up For Nine TV Games |
Hey y'all! Baseball season starts soon, so get your tents, your red [REDACTED] cups, and your coolers ready for right field, because this SEC season is shaping up to be a good one. We'll have more on this later this week, we promise.

Ole Miss no longer a punchline; Hugh Freeze makes sure of it | Sporting News
I'll let SN's Matt Hayes lay it out for you.

Ole Miss has never looked this good, this prepared, for the future. Who gets to play Ole Miss has become who has to play Ole Miss. And there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.