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Red Cup Radio: SEC Basketball with Chris Dobbertean and, of course, 'CROOTIN

Chris Dobbertean of Blogging the Bracket joined Ghost and Whiskey Wednesday on this week's episode to discuss SEC basketball and the Florida Gators.


Would you like to waste an hour listening to your favorite Ole Miss sports bloggers ramble about topics which may be of interest to you? Fantastic, because Red Cup Radio is exactly what you need. Red Cup Radio is a part of Rebel Sports Radio, which you should visit and follow on Twitter. If you like this show, then there are plenty more on the Rebel Sports Radio network which are far, far better, so download the Apple or Android app to listen to the station wherever you go.

This past Wednesday night, Whiskey Wednesday and I spoke with Chris of Blogging the Bracket (follow him on Twitter here) and picked his brain on the SEC's tournament hopefuls and the might of the Florida Gators.The latter part of our discussion is indeed an ample preview for this weekend's Ole Miss vs. Florida game, so you definitely don't want to miss that.

The second portion of our show consisted of Ole Miss Rebel football 'crootin, a topic which included but was not strictly limited to Quincy Adeboyejo, Robert Nkemdiche, Chris Jones, Austin Golson, and Florida State fans acting like spoiled children.

Give it a listen here!

And tune in to Rebel Sports Radio on Thursday mornings to catch the show when it first airs. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or topics you would like us to explore in future episodes, do not hesitate to drop us a line.