Ole Miss 72, MTSU 63: Four Factors Review

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss MTSU
Possessions 63
eFG% 52.0% 43.3%
TO% 12.7% 22.2%
OR% 20.6% 51.2%
FTR 56.9 35.0
OM PPP 1.14
Oregon PPP 1.00

The Rebs got back on track tonight with a 72-63 win over a solid MTSU team. While the game wasn't always a thing of beauty, the last 5 minutes of the game was likely the best stretch of basketball they've played all year.

Any time you have an eFG% of 50%+ and a TO% of just 12.7%, you're likely going to be in a position to win the game. It's certainly a major concern to get outrebounded 48-27 at home by a mid-major team, but the Rebels shot the ball effectively from the field, protected the ball, and shot 8 more FTs than MTSU.

Sunday against Oregon, Marshall Henderson played as bad a game as someone who scored 39 points and hits 10 3s can play. He played much more in the offense tonight and finished with 15 points, 5 assists, and 0 turnovers. Jarvis Summers continued his ridiculously effective scoring this season, scoring 25 points on a sizzling 77.3% eFG%. And a special buster_bluth tip of the hat to Aaron Jones who has to be one of the best jump shot-blockers in the country. AK went back to him for the stretch run of the game despite his 4 fouls and he was a force on both ends of the court (the airballed FT aside).

After a tough 5-game stretch, the Rebels have an easy 3-game stretch before hitting the road against against WKU. This was just what the Rebels needed. A come-from-behind, hard-fought victory against a quality opponent.

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