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Red Cup Reacts to the Ole Miss Rebels Beating the Arkansas Razorbacks 34-24

Did we mention we're bowl eligible?

Wesley Hitt

Juco All-American and I are excited that the Ole Miss Rebels are bowl eligible for the second straight year. We are also excited that the Ole Miss Rebels beat the Arkansas Razorbacks today by ten points, but not as excited by that because, well, we're better than that (we think). We're excited that Bo Wallace - aside from a pair of wacky interceptions - played a damn solid game of football. We're excited that Donte Moncrief came out to play today and set the pace for an effective Rebel passing attack.

We're not so excited that the Rebs weren't able to get the ground game going. Nor are we so excited that Robert Nkemdiche was ejected for being a total badass shoving an offensive lineman to the ground after the whistle was blown. We're also not too excited that the Razorbacks were able to hang in there as long as they did either but, hey, bowling! And we've got three games to go, so we could be anywhere from Nashville to Dallas to Jacksonville at this point.

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