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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Troy Trojans Basketball Preview and Open Thread

Troy isn't very good.

Ed Zurga

The Troy Trojans went 12-21 last season, causing their head coach to resign and new blood to be brought in. It isn't going to be an easy year for the Trojans, having to replace leading scorer Emil Jones (11.4 ppg) on an already low-scoring team. The Trojans do return Hunter Williams, who rotates between point and shooting guard. Last season, he averaged 10.4 points per game and 3.3 assists. I imagine we'll see the team try to focus on stopping him.

I can't really go too much into the scheme Troy runs since I have no idea what their new head coach (who was previously an assistant for Western Kentucky) does. I'm not bothering to look at what he's expected to do there. Sue me.

Columbus, Mississippi's own Deonata Jethroe takes the court for the Trojans and sounds like he should be a character in the Key & Peele East-West bowl videos. Good luck, Deonata.

I expect Ole Miss to win this game, but it will be interesting to see if Marshall Henderson is as irreplaceable as he appeared to be in the exhibition game (in which the Rebels were forced to overtime against USC-Aiken).

I'm getting RebelVision, so maybe I'll be live tweeting or something. Follow me @JucoRCR.