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SEC Power Poll Ballot - Week Whatever This Week Is

We're not really sure how this poll should look, but the debate is fun, right?!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Gah, the SEC really is confusing, isn't it? Here's our best stab at ranking the teams from 1-14, with our bad opinions and unoriginal observations serving as annotations.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide - It's beyond predictable at this point.
  2. Auburn Tigers - So, this is the second best team in the SEC? I'm not so sure of that, but it's tough to make a solid case for anyone, Auburn included.
  3. Texas A&M Aggies - A&M fans plan to chant "one more year" at Johnny Football this Saturday during their Senior Day ceremonies. I'm pretty sure they're going to be let down.
  4. Missouri Tigers - What's not talked about enough is how good Mizzou's DL is. That's the kind of DL play that can win in the SEC, obviously.
  5. South Carolina Gamecocks - If SCar can take care of business, they could be in Atlanta in December.
  6. Ole Miss Rebels - Yeah, we're biased, but we think Ole Miss is the best three-loss team in the country, and stands without an embarrassing or surprising loss (save for maybe the Auburn defeat).
  7. LSU Tigers - Really looking forward to LSU losing out, you guys (they probably won't, but a Rebel can dream).
  8. Georgia Bulldogs - Even without their injuries, Georgia would have struggled this season. Their defense simply isn't all that good.
  9. Tennessee Volunteers - Butch is the hire of the offseason.
  10. Florida Gators - Florida plays dumb, boring, oafish football, and they don't do it particularly well.
  11. Vanderbilt Commodores - Quietly working towards bowl eligibility, further cementing James "Soon-to-be-the-head-coach-at-USC" Franklin's impressive resume.
  12. Mississippi State Bulldogs - Pretty much could be anywhere from #8 to #13 with the way they've performed this season, so I put them towards the bottom because we don't like them. Rivalries and whatnot.
  13. Arkansas Razorbacks - Please don't struggle against the Hogs, Ole Miss. Please.
  14. Kentucky Wildcats - I almost put Arkansas here just to shake shit up a bit.

Where are we wrong? Let us know in the comments thread. Oh, and the final results are over at Team Speed Kills here.