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How are the Ole Miss Rebels looking Statistically Through Two Thirds of the Season?

Who are the Rebels' key statistics leaders, and how does this team stack up against the rest of the SEC?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

[ED: You guessed it; Fit4LifeLLC gets a lot of credit for this one again, in that all of the research and design of this are his.]

Eight games down, and four to go. At this point, it is easy to get a pretty clear view of what type of team the Ole Miss Rebels are by looking at their stats thus far. So, that's exactly what we're going to do. But, before we do that, ask yourself what your feelings are on where the Rebels sit at this point in the season. Compare that with your preseason expectations.

Then, look at the numbers, and determine just how bad we all are at guessing these sorts of things.

Ole Miss Passing

Name Comp/Att Yards Int TDs Comp % Effeciency
Bo Wallace 165/263 1976 3 11 62.7 137.37
Barry Brunetti 15/27 177 0 5 55.6 171.73
Robert Ratliff 3/5. 24 1 0 60 60.32

The two most surprising statistics here are Bo's interceptions and Barry's touchdowns. Bo Wallace has only thrown three picks through eight games. Last season, he would have thrown something like 10 or 11 at this point. That's not a joke. That's literally what he'd have done. And Barry Brunetti is proving to be much more valuable than just a pure running threat. He had a few scores through the air last season as well, but this year he's been more effective and versatile, particularly in the red zone.

Ole Miss Rushing

Name Attempts Yards TDs Average/Game Long
Jeff Scott 53 434 2 72.3 75
I'Tavius Mathers 48 326 2 46.6 64
Jaylen Walton 64 321 5 40.1 40
Barry Brunetti 35 174 3 24.9 25

Jeff Scott, iTavius Mathers, and Jaylen Walton have combined for 1,081 yards and 9 touchdowns on the ground. That's a pretty reliable stable of backs right there. Jaylen Walton, in particular, has shown tremendous versatility and vision. He'll be a lot of fun to watch over the next couple of seasons.

Ole Miss Receiving

Name Receptions Yards TDs Average/Game Long
Laquon Treadwell 41 385 2 48.1 38
Donte Moncrief 34 498 4 62.2 67
Ja-Mes Logan 30 386 2 48.2 65
Evan Ingram 20 265 3 37.9 64

Laquon leads in catches, while Moncrief leads in touchdowns and yards. Also, losing Evan Engram for the rest of the season due to foot surgery hurts a lot.

Ole Miss Offense vs. Defense

Scoring 260 205
First Downs 195 163
Rushing Yardage 1521 1321
Passing Yardage 2177 1714
Total Offense 3698 3035
Total Plays 615 562
Average Per Play 6 5.4

Ole Miss Defensive Leaders

Name Tackles (Total) TFL Turnover Plays Sacks PBU's
Serdarius Bryant 57 6 1 1 1
Cody Prewitt 48 3 6 0 5
Trae Elston 42 1.5 1 0 5
Tony Connor 40 2 1 1 4
Mike Hilton 29 5 0 0 0
Mike Marry 29 2 2 0 1

(Issac Gross leads the Ole Miss Rebels in sacks with 2.5)

Talk about Bird Bryant coming out of nowhere to prove his worth as a legit SEC linebacker. And, missing from these stats, are the injured CJ Johnson and Robert Nkemdiche (hell, Denzel too, also due to injury). It's incredible that our defense has played as well as it has without those guys.

Miscellaneous Stats

Turnovers 11
Punting 30 for 1359 yds/38.8 net
Time of Possession 28:56:00
3rd Conversion % 50/116 (43%)
4th Conversion % 12/21 (57%)
Sacks For 11 for 68 yds
FG 10 for 13
Red Zone Scoring 22/27 (81%)
Penalties 45 for 356 (44.5 yds per game)

Dat 4th down conversion /bites lip

Conference only Stats (Thanks, Catfish)

Team Stats OM (SEC Rank)
Total Yards 429 yds (8th)
Passing Yards 292 yds (2nd)
Rushing Yards 137 yds (11th)
Points For 25.2 (6th)
Points Against 31 (7th)
Rushing Defense 203.4 yds (10th)
Passing Defense 238.6 yds (6th)
Total Defense 442 yds (8th)
Turnover Margin +3 (6th)
Pass Defense Efficiency 129.4 (4th)
First Downs 114 (5th)
3rd Down Conversions 40.5 (8th)

Ole Miss is pretty much a middle of the pack SEC team if the numbers here are any indicator. They've preformed about to that level, and have results to back that up. There's a long way to go, but they've also come a long way to get here. Ideally, this team can improve and get healthy over the next two weeks in preparation for Mizzou and Mississippi State. Yes, we're looking ahead of Arkansas which, while unwise, shouldn't surprise anyone.