Ole Miss Rebels 77 - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 67: A Four Factors Review

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports
Ole Miss GaTech
Possessions 68
eFG% 50.0% 42.7%
TO% 13.2% 16.2%
OR% 27.5% 33.3%
FTR 33.9 35.5
OM PPP 1.13
GaTech PPP 0.99

Official box score is here.

Forget the score in this one. It says the Rebels won this one by just 10 points. That hardly tells the story though. The Rebels dominated this one from the opening tap behind a swarming defense and a great combination of inside/outside scoring. The Jackets' Solomon Poole went crazy in the last 5 minutes of the game, hitting seemingly eleventy billion 3s to make the score much more respectable than what actually transpired. The Rebs were 21 points with about 4 minutes left.

Give it up for Demarco Cox tonight. A second double on the young season was exactly what we needed. You know what you're getting with Marshall Henderson and Derrick Millinghaus - volume scoring and some headshaking moments. But Cox was steady down low all game long. Sebastian Saiz had a great second half. Anthony Perez had some huge moments. This was a total team effort. There's certainly some improvements to be made, but I don't know what else AK and staff could've asked for.

I'll grant you Georgia Tech isn't amongst the elite in the ACC, but this is a solid win. Would be nice to pair it up with another tomorrow in the championship game.

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